Weddings may only last one day, but marriage does not. You are committed to something for the rest of your life. Getting married is a verb, something you do, so you can’t expect things to run smoothly without trying at all times.

Don’t make it a burden to yourself, it's time to invite your partner to see the broader picture of marriage and start to work together. Starting from the wedding plan to planning your future small family life. To start preparing for these things you can start from these following points.

Wedding party

What does your dream wedding look like? Remember that everyone may have a different perception of their dream marriage. When you plan your wedding party, you plan it for two, so don’t forget your partner's opinion. So what to do? This following steps can help:

  • Make joint savings account with your partner to prepare for the wedding
  • Looking for wedding inspiration. In the digital age like this, you can access a lot of interesting ideas on the internet and social media
  • Make a list of items, clothes, invitations, and other wedding party details with your partner
  • Make calculation about whole budget which must be issued by you and your partner for a wedding
  • Finally, as long as you prepare these things, do not forget your own “preparation”. Prepare a fit body and a calm mind with eating healthy foods, exercise and meditation.

Future plan

As mentioned earlier, after the wedding is over, your journey has just begun. When you are done planning your wedding, you also have to plan many things from where you will stay, monthly spending plans, and much more.

To simplify your planning, divide your plan into a digestible timeframe. Usually people divide this future plan into three time scopes, ie short-term plans, medium-term plans, and long-term plans. You can start the plan as below.

Short-term plans

This is the target or plan that you will do the next year or subsequently every month. Example: make a list of monthly expenses and income, pay bills, emergency savings, and plans for the holidays.

Medium-term plans

This plan is yours and your partner target that will be done in the next two to five years. If you want to start paying down on buying a house and a vehicle, enter the target into this medium-term plan.

Long-term plans

Plans that fall into this category are targets that you and your partner will be doing in the next 5 years. Financial products such as insurance or mutual funds you must have to be able to finance the long-term plan. Examples of long-term plans are school fees for children until he graduated from college and pension funds.

Be careful with credit cards

In the early days of marriage you and your partner definitely want to start a new life by having new items as well. Well, usually a credit card to be the main pay tool that can meet the desire. But you must be careful behind the ease of paying in the beginning, there are dependents you have to pay in the next month. Take into account your main needs, such as food needs and monthly bills for the next month.

You must manage the basic needs to be fulfilled first before deciding to shop for other needs with a credit card. If it is less prudent to use a credit card, then calamities can come and disrupt the stabilization of your household. In order to prevent those things, you should look at the following things.

  • Be careful of promotions while shopping or reward points from your credit card use. Keep in mind, are you really need to buy the item? Because your life has changed and some of your priority needs will change.
  • Always remind your partner before using a credit card for shopping
  • Always pay the credit card bills before the due date