Asuransi Brilliance Spektra Invest

Consistently increase, completely secure

Sun Life Indonesia understands the importance of having a well-planned future of you and your beloved family such as retirement fund planning, educational planning, saving and investment planning, emergency fund planning and family income protection planning.

Asuransi Brilliance Spektra Invest is a life insurance and investment product that provides you with an easiness and convenience both for financial planning and life protection in order to maintain your future prosperity.

Primary benefits:

  1. The regular-insurance-premium is allocated 50% since the first year.
  2. Premium bonus that equals to 5% of regular-insurance-premium in the first year will be given to customer when JCI level is increasing and 10% of regular-insurance-premium in the first year when JCI Level is decreasing or constant.
  3. Loyalty bonus equals to 50% of regular-insurance-premium will be given to customer at the end of year-15.
  4. Various riders are available in order to maximize the protection.
  5. Emergency Medical Service Facility is available 24 hours worldwide.

General provisions:

  • Currency : IDR
  • Entry age

- Policy Holder : 18 – 80 years old

-Insured : 30 days – 70 years old

  • Insurance coverage : up to age-100
  • Minimum premium per year : IDR 24 million

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