Sun Proteksi Siap

Sun Proteksi Siap

Siap Terlindungi Sepanjang Masa

Have you prepared legacy? Doing legacy planning while asset owner is still alive considered taboo in Indonesian culture. In fact, a well-planned distribution of legacy assets makes these assets fall into the hands of the right heirs.

Sun Proteksi Siap is traditional whole life product that provides protection up to 100 years old for insured with limited time of payment that can be adjust according to your financial planning.

Product Excellence


Limited pay between 5 years, 10 years or 15 years.


Unlimited protections, until Insured is 100 years old.


100% Sum Assured paid when Insured dies or live until 100 years old.

Sun Proteksi Siap also come in Plan Ultima with flexibility non-medical limit higher up to Rp15 billion*, to facilitate you in asset transfer planning to the next generation, so it can run well.

*According to entry age

General Requirements

  • Entry Age

             Policy Holder                                           :  18-80 years old


                       - PPP 5                                              : 30 days-70 years old
                       - PPP 10                                            : 30 days-60 years old
                       - PPP 15                                             : 30 days-55 years old

  • Premium Paying Period (PPP)               :  5 years/10 years/15 years
  • Coverage Period                                         :  Until Insured 100 years old
  • Currency                                                        :  Rupiah
  • Premium Paying Frequency                   :  Monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual


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