Academy Cash (BNI)

Academy Cash, education fund plan for your children

Helping you plan education fund for your children

Fulfilling your beloved child’s needs by giving the best education is every parent’s dream. Every year, education fund tends to increase due to economy inflation.

Therefore, giving the best education means you have to prepare an education fund for your child’s education. Due to high education costs, you need the right program that can help you prepare for your child’s education plan.

Sun Life Indonesia cooperating with BNI present Academy Cash program provides you various benefits:

  • Providing education fund for primary, junior high, and senior high school up to university. Education fund payment depends on the plans you choose.
  • Providing education fund benefit: 100% of sum assured if the insured dies, plus another 100% of education fund that will be paid in phases according to the payment schedule.

Terms & conditions:

Currency: IDR

Entry age:

  • Insured: 18-50 years old with child’s age under 10

Coverage period: 11-17 years