Leadership & organizational structure

Our leaders in Sun Life Indonesia always ensure that the direction and actions taken by the company move towards the ambition and purpose that we want to achieve; to be one of the best insurance and asset management companies in the world, and helping our clients achieve lifetime financial security and healthier lives.

Elin Waty Elin Waty

Elin Waty

President Director

Elly Susanti Elly Susanti

Elly Susanti


Lok Hoe San Lok Hoe San

Lok Hoe San


Jonni Setiadi Jonni Setiadi

Jonni Setiadi


Mahlani Chandra Mahlani Chandra

Mahlani Chandra


Vivien Kusumowardhani Vivien Kusumowardhani

Vivien Kusumowardhani

President Commissioner

Choky Leonard Tobing Choky Leonard Tobing

Choky Leonard Tobing

Independent Commissioner

Ricardo Simanjuntak Ricardo Simanjuntak

Ricardo Simanjuntak

Independent Commissioner

Sharia Supervisory Board
1. Prof. Dr. H. Fathurrahman Djamil, MA
2. Dra. Rini Fatma Kartika, MH

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