Frequently Asked Questions


What is insurance/insurance policy?

A legal contract where an individual receives financial protection from an insurance company against unexpected losses. 

What is insurance premium?

The insurance premium is the fee paid to your insurance policy for the insurance coverage. The amount, duration, and interval is dependent on your insurance policy. 

What is life insurance?

A legal contract where the insurance company will pay a sum of money to named beneficiaries when the insured insurance policyholder dies. The insurance policy holder is required to pay the insurance policy premiums while alive. 

What is bancassurance?

Sun Life Indonesia is working together with a bank allowing you to purchase insurance products through banks. This provides you with the convenience of having all your financial services available from one location. 

What is takaful/sharia insurance?

A takaful insurance is an insurance policy where the premium is covered by a group of policyholders who will make contributions to a mutual fund (Tabarru). Each contribution is dependent on the policyholder based on coverage and personal circumstances. 

What is health and medical insurance?

Medical insurance is also refered to as health insurance. Health insurance provides coverage for hospitalisation expenses and accidents. The full coverage will depend on your insurance policy. Please contact your advisor for the full details. 

What is an insurance company?

An insurance company offer financial solutions and policies that provide financial protection against unexpected losses.  

What is the difference between Islamic insurance and conventional insurance?

Islamic insurance is based on a mutual fund (tabarru), where a portion of the contributions made by participants is treated as a donation. Conventional insurance has the premiums paid for by the policy holder only. 

What is education insurance?

Education insurance policies is designed to help save the amount needed for education for children. 

What is an insurance claim?

A formal request from the policy holder to an insurance company to compensate for a covered loss. 

What is a policy loan in insurance?

Also refered to as a "life insurance loan", the loan uses the cash value of the policy holder's life insurance policy as collatoral. 

What is all risk insurance?

All Risks is a type of insurance coverage that covers any risk that is not explicitly omited. 

What is the main purpose of insurance?

Insurance reduces financial uncertainty by paying a certain known fee (premium) in exchange for protection for the event of uncertain loss. 

What is an insurance agent?

Insurance agents represent insurance companies and sells insurance policies on behalf of the company. 

What is an insurance policy holder?

The insurance policy holder is the person who buys the insurance policy. The person is in control of the insurance policy.

What is unit link in insurance?

An investment-linked policy uses a portion of your premiums to purchase units in investment fund(s). 

What is critical illness?

The full list of critical illness covered under our policy can be found here  

What is covered by a critical illness insurance?

A critical illness insurance policy provides a lump-sum benefit for medical emergencies from critical illnesses. The full ist of critical illnesses covered can be found here. The lump-sum benefit will depend on the policy obtained. Please contact us here to learn more, and which plan will suit you best.

What is an insurance rider in insurance?

An insurance rider adds on to an existing insurance policy that may add benefits or change the terms. 

What options/methods can I make to pay the premium?

If you have purchased a policy through our advisor, you can pay through:

1. Virtual Account

2. Alfamart

3. BRILink

If you purchased the product through your bank and other channels, you can pay through

1. Bank teller

2. ATM

3. Internet Banking


For the details on how you can use each payment method, please check out our payment page here or contact your advisor.

Can I transfer the policy to another person?

To change your insurance policy information, you have the option to contact your advisor or one of our Client Service Officers for the necessary applications.

You will need to download and fill up the appropriate forms which can be found here.

What should I do if I lost the policy?

If you lose your insurance policy documents, please inform your financial advisor or contact us through this form here immediately.

You are also required to make a statutory declaration to us about the loss. After you have contacted us, we will provide you with the forms that will help you make the declaration.

How do I change the information on my insurance policy?

To change your insurance policy information, you have the option to contact your advisor or one of our Client Service Officers for the necessary applications.

You will need to download and fill up the appropriate forms which can be found here.

How do I submit a claim?

To submit a claim, you will need to contact our client service center at 1 500 786, or email at . Or you can visit our client service centers here.

You will need to have the relevant claim form found here.

To ensure a smooth process:

- Answer all questions honestly and accurately in the Life Insurance Application Form.

- Make sure your policy is always active (not lapsed).

- Always pay the premium before the due date.

- Read and understand the insurance type that you have.

- Know how much the amount of sum assured that you could receive.

- Crosscheck that correct information is in the completed claim form.

- Make sure all supported materials needed for making a claim, such as medical records, laboratory test results, copy of ID, copy of saving books, etc. are available.

- Re-check all documents before you submit them.

How long will the claim take?

The claim process is dependent on the policy and the documents. You are able to check the status of the claim through our client portal here or My Sun Life application (available on App Store and Play Store).

What are the factors I need to consider when replacing an existing insurance policy?

We strongly advise you to carefully consider the potential drawbacks of replacing an existing insurance policy, particularly when it involves a lifetime protection. Some questions to ask:

• Will the new insurance policy provide you with the same level of returns and guarantee values as the existing insurance policy?

• Will you get continuous coverage from the new insurance policy (as some new policies have a waiting period)?

• Will the replacement incur extra charges?

• Will the new policy require an extra medical examination or increase in premiums?

What should I do after receiving my insurance policy?

When you receive your insurance policy documents, you should:

Read the content and provisions carefully, and promptly raise any queries with us;

Keep the policy documents in a safe place because when a claim arises, you are required to submit all policy-related documents to us;

Tell your family members that you are insured and where you keep the policy documents.

What factors will Sun Life  consider when I apply for an insurance  Policy and its Policy Premium?

We will consider the insured's gender, age, occupation, health history and financial situation when you apply for an insurance policy. This is also taken into account for your Policy Premium. For full details, please contact us here or your financial advisor.

For more information, please refer to our glossary here.

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