Maxima Anugerah Insurance

Asuransi Jiwa

Perlindungan Maksimal Untuk Hari Depan Yang Cerah

Asuransi Maxima Anugerah is sharia insurance product which provides life protection benefit including protection when performing Hajj/Umrah so that you and your family will feel calm and safe when performing Hajj/Umrah. Asuransi Maxima Anugerah is insurance product brought to you by Sun Life Indonesia and Bank CIMB Niaga.

Product Excellence:

1. Short payment period for longer coverage period

2. 100% Sum Assured if Participant dies during Insurance Period

3. 225% Sum Assured if Participant dies when performing Hajj/Umrah during Insurance Period

4. Additional Death Benefit equals to IDR25 mio

5. Contribution Bonus up to 243% from first year Annual Regular Contribution

Product Benefits:

1.     Insurance Benefit

a. Death Benefit

     100% Sum Assured will be paid if Participant dies during insurance period.

b. Death Benefit during Performing Hajj/Umrah

    225% Sum Assured will be paid if Participant dies when performing Hajj/Umrah during insurance period,

2.    Contribution Bonus Benefit

Company will add number of units as Contribution Bonus to Policyholder fund value at the end of each policy year with the scheme that written in Product Information Summary.

3.    Investment Benefit

100% fund value will be paid to Policyholder or beneficiary when Participant dies or will be paid at the end of Insurance Period.


1.     Entry age (age last birthday)

  • Policyholder                 : 18 – 80 years old
  • Participant                    : 0 (30 days) – 65 years old

2.     Coverage Period         : 25 years

3.     Currency                         : IDR

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Disclaimer: Asuransi Maxima Anugerah is life insurance product with investment related (PAYDI) and subject to investment risk. Prior to purchasing PAYDI, the Applicant (Policyholder, Insured, and/or Participant) must read and understand the product information summary. Please note that past PAYDI investment performance is not indicative of future performance.