Asuransi Sun Solusi Bisa

Asuransi Sun Solusi Bisa

Bisa Melangkah dengan Bebas

Asuransi Sun Solusi Bisa is a single premium unit-linked plan that offers protection on death due to accident, with no loadings (free admin charge and loadings), without the hassle of a medical check-up.

Product Excellence:

1.         One-time premium payment can cover up to Insured age 85.

2.        Coverage on death due to accident.

3.       Free of charges.


1.         Currency                                                     : Indonesian Rupiah

2.        Insurance Period                                      : Up to the Insurance aged 85

3.       Entry Age (age last birthday)

  • Policyholder                                                  : 18 – 70 years old
  • Insured                                                           : 10 – 70 years old

4.       Premium Payment Period                     : Single Premium

5.       Premium Payment Frequency             : One-time payment

6.       Premium

Premium Minimum Premium
Basic Premium IDR10.000.000
Single Top Up Premium IDR1.000.000

Top-up premiums can be made more than the Basic Premium amount and can only be made at the same time as the Basic Premium.

Click here for detailed product information.

Limited offer for Asuransi Brilliance Fortune (ABF) and Asuransi Brilliance Fortune Plus (ABFP) existing customers.

Disclaimer: Asuransi Sun Solusi Bisa is life insurance product with investment related (PAYDI) and subject to investment risk. Prior to purchasing PAYDI, the Applicant (Policyholder, Insured, and/or Participant) must read and understand the product information summary. Please note that past PAYDI investment performance is not indicative of future performance

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