X-Tra Proteksi Retirement

X-Tra Proteksi Retirement

Masa Muda Aman, Masa Tua Mapan

No one knows what will happen in old age. Preparing for retirement is very important to guarantee an established old age. Entering retirement requires planning, then, what have you done to prepare for old age?

X-Tra Proteksi Retirement is an insurance product that provides life protection and financial security during productive period and pension fund for the Insured during retirement.

Product Excellence:

1. Secure Retirement

Life protection during productive and retirement periods with additional payment of Living Benefits during retirement.

2. Safe Retirement

Guaranteed Cash Value more than 252% Sum Assured. 

3. Happy Retirement

Additional Extra Cash Value* up to 140%.

*Extra Cash Value Benefits is Unguaranteed Cash Value paid on the Policy anniversary when the Insured reaches age 56-69 years old in the amount of 10% Unguaranteed Cash Value formed at the Insured age 56 years (if any).


1.  Currency                                                      : Indonesian Rupiah

2.  Coverage Period                                       : Up to Insured age 70

3.  Premium Payment Period (PPP)         : 5, 10, 15 years

4.  Entry Age (age last birthday)

PPP Policyholder Insured
5 years 20 - 80 years old 20 - 45 years old
10 years 20 - 70 years old 20 - 45 years old
15 years 20 - 70 years old 20 - 40 years old

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