X-Tra Proteksi Optima Legacy

X-Tra Proteksi Optima Legacy

Wujudkan warisan optimal untuk generasi yang berharga

Every family definitely has a dream, but on the way to realizing that drams, life risk can occur. Make sure these dreams can come true with optimal preparation for maximal living.

X-Tra Proteksi Optima Legacy is whole life traditional insurance product that provides protection until Insured reaches 100 years old with limited premium payment period that can be chosen according to your financial planning.

Product Excellence


Flexible premium paying period between single premium, 5 years or 10 years.


Lifetime protection, until Insured reach 100 years old.


100% Sum Assured paid when Insured died or live until 100 years old. 

X-Tra Proteksi Optima Legacy present in Signature Plan with higher non medical limit up to Rp15 bio, to give you convenience in planning legacy to pass asset you’ve built to future generations.

*Depends on insured’s entry age.

General Requirements

  • Entry Age

             Policy Holder                                         :  18-80 years old

             Insured                                                     :  30 days-60 years old

  • Premium Paying Period (PPP)            :  Single/5 years/10 years
  • Coverage Period                                      :  Until Insured 100 years old
  • Currency                                                     : Rupiah
  • Premium Paying Frequency                :  Monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual

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