Having a health insurance plan for your family is very important, even for newly married couples.

Clothing, food, and shelter may be the primary foundation in the household. However, this foundation needs protection to remain solid in facing life challenges.

This protection can be obtained from insurance that compensates for any potential losses arising from risks such as accidents, illness, and death. These risks can come anytime and anywhere; if you don't want it from now on, you live in uncertainty.

Why does insurance make things secure? Because with insurance, the financial planning you build with your partner will not be interrupted by life risks. Savings prepared as an emergency fund will not be contested for the need to cover losses due to risks.

How do you choose the right health insurance? Here are recommendations that you should take into consideration:

1. Type of Protection

Health insurance usually provides responsibility for the costs of treatment and hospital care if the client is sick. Meanwhile, life insurance provides responsibility for losses if the client experiences events such as sick or accident that results in disability or death.

Of these two types of insurance, which is the most appropriate to protect the family? Currently, there are health insurance products that have double protection for life and health.

In addition, you can also choose a rider (additional insurance) to add protection on top of the health insurance you already have. That way, the protection can be more optimum, from health to life.

2. Premium

Premiums are costs that must be activated so that your insurance policy can remain active. Premiums are not only monthly but also per semester, per year, even once for a lifetime.

What’s the most appropriate premium for the family? Make sure you know the amount of premium to be adjusted according to financial ability. Do not let the premium be a burden for the family finance.

If there are currently four members of your family, does that mean that all of them must be covered by insurance? Of course, it depends on your financial capabilities.

However, suppose you feel that one premium for one family member is expensive. In that case, you can get a more affordable solution with one policy insurance for one family. So, with only one insurance policy, you can protect all family members from life risks that may occur.

Still looking for the most appropriate insurance for your family? Find out here to get the best solution that suits your needs and financial capabilities!