Sun Proteksi Pintar


Smart Move for a Meaningful Future 

In these uncertain times, protecting ourselves from various risks is a must. Protect yourselves with Sun Proteksi Pintar, a traditional life insurance product which provides assurance for life protection and guaranteed return of Premium if the Insured lives until the end of the insurance period.

Product Excellence:

  1. 3-years payment term with longer coverage period (20 or 30 years).
  2. Guaranteed Yearly Benefit up to 9% of Basic Annual Premium, given at the end of Policy Year-6 until the end of the insurance period.
  3. Guaranteed return of Premium up to 600% of Basic Annual Premium, if the Insured lives until the end of the insurance period.
  4. Simple application process without medical check-up.
  5. Maximum Sum Assured with Sun Term Protection.
  6. Affordable Premium starting from IDR12 mio/year.

General Requirements:

1. Entry Age:

  • Policy owner: 21 – 70 years old
  • Insured: 30 days – 60 years old (20-year coverage period)                                                                          – 30 days – 60 years old (30-year coverage period)

2. Insurance coverage period: 20 or 30 years

3. Minimum Premium:  IDR 12 mio/year

4. Currency:  IDR

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