(Rider) Sun Medical Platinum

Sun Medical Platinum is a rider that provides world-class health protection

World-class health protection

Due to their busy routine activities, some people might forget about the value of having a healthy body. However, sickness can happen to anyone and anywhere with unexpected conditions.

When you and your beloved family get sick, you need high quality healthcare to help recover so that you can be fit and carry out the routine as before.

Sun Medical Platinum is a rider that provides a comprehensive health protection until 100 years old. This insurance product is the first health insurance in Indonesia that provides treatment for the side effects of chemotherapy and a recovery supportive therapy, such as speech therapy and occupational therapy.

Sun Life Indonesia provides protection against health and life risks caused by COVID-19 (Corona virus). For Sun Medical Platinum customers, Sun Life Indonesia provides additional protection and facilities in the form of Cash Benefits of Rp10 million if the customer is positive infected with COVID-19. A 30-day waiting period for Corona COVID-19 virus infection was also removed. Click here for detailed information.


  • Supported by insurance guarantee facility at the hospitals network around the world and a standard single bedded treatment room for convenience of you and your family.
  • To reimburse the treatment cost according to the bill (as charged) up to IDR7.5 billion including high cost treatment such as ICU, operation, haemodialysis, cancer treatment.Equipped with a limit booster that can add the Value of Insurance Benefit up to 6 times the Overall Annual Limit which is valid for life as long as the Policy is active.
  • Treatment outside Coverage Area that provides flexibility and peace of mind to get protection from health risks wherever the Insured is located.
  • Chemotherapy side effect benefit and speech therapy and occupational therapy.
  • Cash benefit up to IDR2.5 million per day when the treatment cost has been fully paid by other insurance.
  • Accommodation benefit for companion that available for treatment in domestic and abroad (hotel accommodation is available only for treatment abroad).
  • Available not only for reconstructive surgery due to accident but also due to cancer.
  • Expert medical opinion.
  • Enriched with sub rider benefits (optional) such as maternity benefit, outpatient and dental benefit.

Terms & conditions

Entry age:

Policy Owner: 18 – 70 years old


  • Main benefit, sub rider outpatient benefit and sub rider dental care benefits: 3 months – 70 years old
  • sub rider maternity benefit: 17 – 49 years old

Coverage period: one Year, can be renewed until the Insured reaches 88 years old, except maternity benefit only can be renewed until the Insured reaches 50 years old.

This rider can be added to the following products:

Click here for detailed product information.

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