As a teenager, birthday is a very special day. Getting older is not always about having fun treating friends to a meal at a favorite restaurant, but also getting closer to driving alone, going home late, or making your own choices. Growing older can be associated with wider freedom.

But when the number 29 turns to 30, or 39 turns to 40, this view may change. Year after year, the changes will happen more and more. Physically you will also change. Endurance and metabolism are no longer the same. Health problems are haunting. As a result, if as a teenager you associate age with increasing freedom, you may now feel that your freedom will diminish as you get older, due to the physical limitations you may begin to have.

Of course you cannot fight the time. If you are too busy complaining about your age, you just cannot enjoy the time you have. Remember, not everyone gets long-life blessings. Here are some ways you can take your age wisely.

1. Stay active in what you love

Do not limit your life to your career, marriage, and family. Do anything you like, to still express yourself. This self-expression will also affect feelings of self-satisfaction and trigger a feeling of happiness. Just so you know, happiness helps boost immunity and reduce stress, thus keeping the smooth circulation of blood and heart rate. Staying healthy is one of the positive effects of happiness.

2. Try something new

You are never too old to try something new. Just look at Peggy McAlpine, a Scottish grandmother who did a parachute at the age of 104 years. Great, huh? You can also try something new. Try to do something new outside your routine. The satisfaction that you feel for daring to try new things can make you feel young again!

3. Maintain social life

One of the feelings that arise in old age is feeling useless because it is no longer able to do things that once you can do with ease. Keep in touch with old friends will help you forget those feelings. You not only have friends to celebrate moments of happiness, but also to help you with difficult problems.

4. Keep exercising

This point you must already know, but not infrequently difficult to do. Regular exercise helps you maintain health while making you happier. Who would like to lie in bed because of illness?

5. Do not compare yourself

Not everyone can look like a 25-year-old at the age of 40. If you continue to compare yourself with your youth, you may even feel depressed. The important thing is you stay healthy and perform as well as you can.

Physical changes as you get older cannot be avoided. But that does not mean your soul also has to change, right? You can stay happy and productive even in old age. Your happiness will instead radiate in your face and make you look more attractive. Conversely, if you go through your old age with unhappiness, it will also be seen in your daily life. Remember, you're only as old as you feel.