If you prefer to be your own boss, you may want to consider looking at freelancing as an investment. Perhaps even an entire career investment. Working for yourself will indeed give you the ultimate freedom and sense of fulfillment. One of the advantages of becoming a freelancer is that you can work wherever you want and whenever you like.

Unfortunately, being a full-time freelancer comes with a price. It is likely that you won’t be able to enjoy some of the employee perks and benefits, such as monthly salary, annual leave, and health insurance. Moreover, you won’t have a fixed working time that distinguishes between personal and professional life. Those disadvantages can impact both your mental and physical health.

Does this mean you should change your mind? No. There are some great tips you can put into practice to keep a happy and healthy freelancing lifestyle. But we’ve compiled a list of the four most important things every freelancer needs.

  1. Workspace at home

As a freelancer, you will spend most of your time working from home. Of course, you can work in a coffee shop or co-working space, but it’s not as thrifty as you think. Unlike office and co-working space, home workspace should be set up in such a way so that it can increase productivity and reduce distractions. Choosing the right home office equipment and accessories will also make a big difference in your work life.

  1. Work schedule

Once you are done setting your workspace, you can start creating a work schedule that works best for you and does not disrupt your circadian rhythm. Proper scheduling will help you stay motivated, get things done, and meet every deadline. However, you are allowed to change your working hours once under certain circumstances.

  1. Networking skills

Whether or not you have a project on your hands, you still have to go out and meet people for both personal and professional purposes. Widen your network by attending a gathering or join a sharing session. Aside from that, you can also use your LinkedIn or Instagram account to show off your skills by putting your portfolio on display.

  1. Financial plan

Working as a freelancer means you have to take care of financial needs and obligations on your own. Let’s say income tax, internet bill, and health insurance. It is for all those reasons that you need to create a financial plan. Moreover, you have to make sure you charge your clients the correct amount of price. It needs to be enough for taxes, health insurance, savings, and investment.


Even if you are young and healthy, you should consider buying yourself health insurance. It can protect you and your family from financial problems caused by critical illness, accident, and death. If you also have a long term goal in mind, then unit-linked insurance may be the perfect choice for you. You can choose from several insurance premium options available that suits your needs and capability.

Remember, every life stage brings different priorities that require different investment methods. Whether you're just getting started or have been freelancing for some time, you need to set your financial goals for your future. Now, are you ready to make the leap?