1. Career development

How far have you progressed from the time you were active in a company? Suppose you feel uneasy and uncomfortable with your current job. In that case, it's time for you to consider looking for a new job or moving companies this year.

Don't hesitate to add new skills to support your career or as ammunition to move to other professions that you think are more prospective. You can get this new skill by learning from the experts directly or taking formal education.


2. Health

How often did you get sick in 2020? If it's too often that you often absent from your job, you have to pay more attention to your health this year.

You can start a healthier life by sleeping at least 7 hours per day, eating on time, and exercising three times a week. If made into a routine, this new habit will definitely make you healthier.


3. Financial check-up

Do you feel bleeding in fulfilling your daily needs? If so, keep on saving this year and try even more challenging to find new opportunities to increase your income.

Apart from salary, you also need to increase your income by working on freelancing, trading, investing such as stocks, gold, and property. So, stop depending on salary as your primary source of income.


4. Kindness

How much good have you done in the past year? Doing good to others can enrich your mind. Continue on all the good you have done this year as part of your successful journey in the next year.

By doing good, you will find it easier to get support and help from others when needed. All the good you do will come back to you.


5. Family protection

What is the best thing you gave your family in 2020? Keep trying to be someone that makes your family proud and give them ever after unconditional love.

As an expression of your love for your family, don't just spoil them with abundant material. Give them insurance protection as protection from various risks that may occur, such as Asuransi Salam Anugerah Keluarga, which allows 1 family to be protected with just 1 policy.