X-Tra Secure (CIMB Niaga) Insurance

Asuransi X-Tra Secure, solution for a peaceful life

Solution for peaceful life

Based on survey conducted by Nielsen in 2014, only 28 percent people confident they have right financial planning to achieve their financial goals. Giving their children the best education and enjoying the retirement period in the future are everyone’s dreams.

However, without proper financial planning, your goals will be just dreams. Make sure you give the best protection with Asuransi X-Tra Secure, brought to you by Sun Life Financial Indonesia cooperating with CIMB Niaga. Asuransi X-Tra Secure is part of One Life Solution, a holistic solution for various plans in every life stage specially designed for CIMB Niaga clients.

You will get return on investment with guaranteed crediting rate and additional benefit protection from any kind of risk that might appear unconditionally with only one time premium payment (single premium).

Benefits Asuransi X-Tra Secure

  • Death Benefits
    If Insured died during insurance period, Beneficiary will get 100% Sum Assured.

    Notes: After Death benefit paid, Policy will end and Policy Owner or Beneficiary will get Stages Benefit with choices:
    -Stage Benefit will be paid to Beneficiary according to Stage Benefit schedule above; or
    -Cash Value will be paid lump sum with Death Benefit paid or before Stage Benefit schedule (according to Policy term and conditions).

  • Stage Benefit
    Cash value will paid by Insured by the end of Accumulate Premium Term.

    Note: Cash Value will count by Premium accumulate that develop after reduce by fees according to daily rate of return announced by Policy Owner

Terms & conditions

  • Entry Age (Last Birthday)
    Policy Owner: 18-80 years old
    Insured: 30 days-70 years old
  • Policy Paying Period
    Single Premium
  • Stage Benefit Choice
    Tahapan 100 (where Stage Benefit paid at the end of insurance period)
  • Premium Period Accumulation and Insurance Period
    10 Years
  • Currency

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