Don't let the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way of your good intentions to build a household. As long as you still adhere to health protocols, you and your partner can present a wedding party that is economical and safe without reducing its impression and sacred value.

The following are things you must apply if you want to hold a marriage amid the COVID-19 pandemic:


Don't Force Yourself

Don't force yourself to hold a luxurious wedding party and beyond your financial limits. You must be wise to start a married life well without having financial problems later on.

With a simple party, you can still present a memorable wedding moment. Especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic like today, the simplicity of the wedding feast can be more understandable.


Use e-Invitation

No matter how many people you invite, you can still save money if you use digital invitations or e-invitations instead of physical invitations. Don't hesitate to take advantage of a graphic designer's services or make it yourself from an online service provider.

Besides being cheaper, e-invitations are also better protected from the potential for COVID-19 transmission. This is because sending and receiving will be done without physical contact, aka online, either via messaging or email applications.


Online Ceremonial

Suppose it is not possible to invite guests for security reasons. In that case, you can still present the wedding ceremony procession by utilizing video call, broadcast, and live streaming features on various social media platforms. That way, friends, friends, and family can watch it from their respective homes.


Unlimited Invited Guests

As a consequence of implementing health protocols to prevent transmission of COVID-19, there are restrictions on the number of people in a room. That is why you cannot invite many people if you have a wedding party in the building.

For compliance with health protocols, you should prioritize family or close friends as invited guests. Don't forget to pay attention to the building capacity to match the number of invited guests.