Married young still often raises questions for many people. In addition to mentally unprepared, they also felt that the couples were not ready financially. Especially today, the cost to hold a wedding is very high. But is it true? Actually, age does not guarantee a person is ready to get married. It is important and smart way that couples create a wedding plan that fit their ability. Here are some tips for planning a wedding.

Let's make a budget plan!

Before starting to create a budget for the wedding, it's better if you make a marriage budget. For the moment, forget about the venue, catering and costs and focus on the purpose of the two of you after marriage and how much the funds should be saved. For example, you and your partner want to go on vacation after marriage. Then, you also have to plan when to buy a house, car or have children.

Once you determine the savings you need for all of these things, you can start making wedding budgets that will certainly not interfere with your long-term goals and marriage. Surely, you should also consider the income from the monthly salary or maybe the relief funds from the family. Try not to rely on loans and always reserve funds for unexpected expenses.

Set priorities

Setting priorities is the most important thing in planning a wedding. You and your partner should determine what to prioritize so that the budget can be met. For example, you want a catering with sumptuous and delicious food, consequently you have to sacrifice the guest list slightly. However, your marriage should also be considerate with family conditions. If you have many friends and family, the choice of expensive catering options should be removed from the priority list.

Cut the budget!

After determining how much budget is available and do prioritizing, you can cut other costs. How? By looking at the opportunity to get the wedding party cheaper than usual. You can ask for help from friends and family. Here are some examples that you can copy:

  • Reduce building costs by using other alternatives such as renting a restaurant or park.
  • Eliminating catering costs. The wedding party is a entire family party, if you ask them they will not hesitate to help to prepare the dish. Maybe you can also make your own cake if you want to cut the wedding cake budget.
  • Cancel to hire professional photographers. Today, almost everyone is accustomed to cameras. You must have a friend or acquaintance who has expertise in using the camera. In order not to lose this precious moment you can ask them for help, voluntarily or you can also give them a fee that may not be as expensive as a professional photographer.

If you think the above ideas are too complicated, there's something easier that can be done. The bride can make crafting party or make handicraft party, invite your good friends to help make DIY (do it yourself) wedding invitation or beautify your wedding souvenir.

The heart of all this is to have fun and be open-minded. Do not get too attached to tradition that usually takes a lot of money and does not fit your lifestyle together. By making a mature wedding budget plan, you will have a dream wedding party away from debt. If the family does not agree, try to explain that this is for the good of your marriage long-term resolution, because that's the most important thing about building a family.