Marriage is not an easy matter. To take this serious step and live a lifelong commitment, there is a lot of preparation that must be done by the bride and groom. Some people can prepare it in a matter of months, some begin to prepare years in advance. Everyone must have his or her own dream about this great event of their life.

Despite being faced with a serious problem, do not let your happy day be ruined by panic. The pressure to run everything perfectly will create a nervous feeling, but we've summarized some tips to reduce those feelings and restore happiness to your wedding day.

Maintain positive thoughts

Instead of caring too much about other people's reactions to your idea and preparation for your marriage, try positive thinking techniques and get support. Everyone wants you to have a beautiful day, so remember that you are all working towards the same goal. This will reduce the pressure of others as well as yourself. Positive thoughts will give you more peace of mind to spend time with the people who help prepare your marriage to concentrate on your great plan.

Be yourself

Remember the wedding is all about YOU (and your partner of course). If you feel nervous about being the center of attention and haunted by the shadow of the wedding ritual, just imagine that the day's event as a more friendly encounter—because in fact, you are surrounded by your family and best friends! Try talking to them while welcoming and behaving as you usual. Be yourself and enjoy meeting with your family and friends on this special occasion.

Communicate your anxiety

Let people know how nervous you are before your wedding day. Although friends and family may already be able to guess that you are feeling anxious, they will not always be able to read your mind and know exactly what is bothering you. By expressing your feelings, everyone can give you the right support. Most importantly, you have someone to laugh at those problems! You are preparing an important moment but do not let it get too serious—first and foremost you need to be happy!

Take a step back

You don’t need 24 hours a week to organize your wedding. Schedule a break from all of the planning with friends and family and don’t add stress to thinking about marriage all the time. You can go for a walk with a friend to refresh your mind or even go swimming for yourself. Exercising and staying active is the best way to relax and feel good about yourself.

Keep those little things aside

Try not to think about little things, especially on the wedding day. Don’t let the little things bother you. With all your planning and preparation, your big day will be beautiful. Some 'surprises' here and there may actually add to the excitement and add an unforgettable moment in your happy day.