Do you have a target for retirement age? If so, how is your plan for it? It can’t be denied that one's productive life will not last forever, it will certainly stop at some point. When you are already in that period of time, then the retirement will be inevitable. In Indonesia, one's productive age will stop at 55 years. After that, usually productivity will decrease.

If you want to continue to enjoy your old age with your current lifestyle, then you should prepare retirement funds as early as possible. Because it is impossible that we—without income—can still enjoy our current lifestyle. When preparing for a pension, at least you have to prepare living expenses for 10 to 15 years after entering retirement age. For example, if you are planning to retire at the age of 55 years, then you have to set up living expenses until you turn 70 years old.

For a civil servant and other employee earning a pension from the company may be more secure for their life during retirement. However, for those of who work as entrepreneurs or private employees who do not get retirement fund, will have to prepare their own retirement fund for a peaceful old age. Given the importance of retirement funds to continue life, there is no harm in preparing early.

Make special savings

To gain financial security while retiring, start making pension savings starting today. Separate savings for monthly spending and emergency fund preparation with savings for pension fund inventory. You can set aside approximately 10% of earnings for this or adjust to other needs. To avoid the amount of interest charged on your long-term savings, it's good to do a survey first to some financial institutions. In addition, you can also request opinions from relatives who also use savings as a pension fund.

Immediately register as DPLK participants

Dana Pensiun Lembaga Keuangan or abbreviated as DPLK is one of the financial programs for people who want to have a pension fund. The principle is relatively the same as the time deposits, where the funds you plant can not be disbursed before the time comes. This disbursement generally consists of several options, the amount can be the same as income at work, divided by average per month, or even entirely.

Start investing

Investment is one of the opportunities in preparing for pension funds. Some investment options that can be done are building investment, property, bonds, deposits, stocks, and so forth. However, you must be smart in choosing the right form of investment and adjust it to the financial condition. Do not let your investment intent mess up your financial situation now or even cause debt.

If you have substantial capital, you can invest heavily as in the property business. Unlike the only 3 to 5 million salary per month, of course such investments will be relatively difficult because it requires substantial capital. Saving retirement funds in the form of a supportive investment such as deposits or securities will be helpful because it can be withdrawn at any time with medium or low capital. There are many types of investments that you can choose according to your financial goals. For those of you who want to start installing old age fund, you can also try mutual funds as an investment option.