What is your dream husband like? Of course, every woman has different answers to the question. However, there is something to remember when choosing a husband; every man has his own biological time. When they are ready, men will decide to get married—but not before.

If you really want a wedding, it is better to find someone who is ready to get married. You must be able to see a person objectively and not just by a feeling, let alone just rely on a face that might change five to ten years into the future. To build a stable and happy future, at least your prospective husband must have the following four signs.

1. Close to family

One characteristic that indicates that a person can be a dream husband is close to his family. Most women agree that by finding out a man's relationship with his family will show his attitude toward his new family someday. A good husband—and father—candidate will make time for his family and contribute more in the household, not just paying bills.

2. Have financial guarantees

Sometimes talking about financial matters is taboo, because you don’t want to be regarded as someone who only thinks about money. However, one way to tell if a man is ready for marriage is to look at his financial ability. Tina Tessina, Ph.D., a psychotherapist from California, explains that men also have biological time, but their timings are different from women. Most men will choose to focus on their financial security before building a family. If he is still having trouble paying his bills, he will not want to increase the burden.

3. Be adult and have purpose

April Masini, relationship expert and author of the book "Date Out of Your League", explains that when a man is ready to be your husband—he will behave like a husband. He has plans for the future, introduces you to his friends and family, doesn’t hesitate to talk about his day and also enthusiastically listens to your story.

A grown-up person will be seen by the way he gives you space in his life and keeps the limits of privacy. You can share all the stories you want and keep the secrets you want to keep for yourself.

4. He starts to be aware about his desire to be a father

This may be an additional point, if you want to have a baby soon, this point will give you enlightenment. Even though the man is not clear about his wishes, you can take a hint from John Malloy's words, "Most men want to be young enough to teach their sons to fish and play ball and do the male-bonding thing."

If you are not sure of your partner's liking, pay attention to the behavior and, most importantly, the way he talks about the future. If he makes a promise but does not provide certainty about the time, he may not really want a marriage. Don’t just guess, the best way to know someone's desire is to ask. Is he committed or not? If he is not ready, you need to determine your response. Just think about it.