Episode 5 – We Love Children

Smart and healthy children are every parent’s dream. Just like Fajar and Cahaya who are nurtured to become the next great generation in the future. The parents’ characters will reflect on how they educate their children. What do Mr. Surya and Mrs. Mentari do to educate Fajar and Cahaya?

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Episode 4 – Holiday Drama

Mr. Surya is going to Bali for a business trip, and he is taking Mrs. Mentari, Fajar, and Cahaya for a family holiday as well. Mr. Surya should manage the budget while they are in Bali, but apparently Mrs. Mentari, Fajar, and Cahaya already have their own plan.

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Episode 3 – World Cup Challenge

Frequently watching World Cup matches until late at night, Mr. Surya and Fajar don’t get enough sleep and this impacts their activities at the office and the school. Mrs. Surya proposes a challenge to Mr. Surya and Fajar. What is it?

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Episode 2 – The New Way of Waqf

The Surya family is back. The second episode of the Keluarga Surya Web Series highlights the importance of financial planning for young families. Watch husband and wife Mr Surya and Mrs Mentari candidly discuss about life protection, and discover the surprising connection between waqf and insurance.

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Episode 1 – Religious Holiday Allowance: Spend It or Save It?

In the first episode of the new Sun Life Financial Indonesia series following the lives of the Surya family, we explore the theme of Religious Holiday Allowance in Indonesia, otherwise known as Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR). The Surya family have just received their annual employee contribution for the Eid al-Fitr festivities, and are eagerly discussing ways to spend it. What will Mr. Surya, Mrs. Mentari, Fajar, and Cahaya do with the money? Spend it or save it? Watch to find out!

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