Building a family

The importance of financial planning for young families

Early years of marriage are important to build a foundation for a brighter future.

Many people think that they need to plan their finance only for preparing the wedding. Well, they are wrong. In fact, early years of marriage are important to build a foundation if you want to have a brighter future for your family.

Young families might think that financial planning is an easy thing to do, but actually it is going to be more and more complex, especially when you have kids. You need more money for their schools, vehicle, owning a house, and so on. And that’s what financial planning is for.

Financial planning experts said that the core problem is not from the differences between husband and wife’s income. But it’s more on the wrong habit in managing the money. Here are some tips that you can do to avoid financial problems.

First, husband and wife should sit together and talk about their whole financial planning. Second, they must define their expenses, and discuss who will pay what bills. Third, they must make a budget calculation and record any spending. Fourth, they must allocate a certain amount of money for miscellaneous and emergency fund. Fifth, a young family must prepare some investment for their future.

Those five things may look simple, but if we have a self-discipline on doing it, we will see the good results in years ahead. With a good foundation, your family will have a prosperous life.

The Surya family has the same problem with other young families. They also experience the ups and downs of financial planning. They do not know how to manage their religious holiday allowance (THR), or their holiday budget. So how they solve their problems? You can watch a new sitcom web series, “Keluarga Surya” by Sun Life Financial Indonesia!

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