Enjoying holiday with family is a highly anticipated thing during holiday season. But not everyone prepares a specific holiday budget. In order not to disrupt the main budget, you should prepare a plan for holiday budget. Here are some tips for you:

Set the destination and estimate budget

Discuss the holiday destination with your family; where do you want to go, tourist attractions. And then, you can estimate the amount of holiday budget that you need.

Make a travel checklist

If you already know where to go and how much you will spend, you can start making a travel checklist. Please include transportation, accommodation, and entrance fees to tourist attractions.

Prepare monthly saving

Set your monthly saving with a specific amount of money for holiday budget. You can start doing this if you already have the checklist. Please be disciplined, and you can also invite the entire family to contribute to this holiday saving.

Expect the unexpected

Prepare yourself for the unexpected expenses, it can happen anytime. Therefore, you need to set aside ten percent from the total budget, so if unwanted things happen, you know what to do.

Have a plan B

You need to consider other holiday destinations, just in case something happens. Don’t hesitate to explore your own town for ‘hidden gems’!


So, are you ready for a family holiday? Let’s prepare the budget from now on!