Accepted as a new employee in your dream office? Congratulations! Of course you feel happy and can’t wait to start a new adventure at work, right? However, if the feeling of happiness is coupled with the nervous feeling of going to set foot in a new environment, we are happy to give you some tips for getting through the first day of work!

1. Learn travel routes to the office

Being late on the first day of work is not a good choice, besides giving a bad first impression, you will feel panic and it is difficult to do what you had planned before in a panic. To avoid this, you need to memorize your travel route to the office and prepare for anything you need the night before.

The trick is easy, you can check map applications such as Google Maps or Waze and ask your relatives or friends. One of the advantages of the application is the accuracy of predictions about congestion occurring at the time you left for work so you can set the exact time of departure to arrive at the office early.

For those of you who use public transport, find out also any transport that you can take. Do not forget to check the departure schedule and the estimated time of travel. Choose the fastest and most efficient transport. If you want to have more preparation than that, you can try the route from home to the office a few days before your first day of work. Who knows, you can predict what obstacles you might encounter on the road or maybe find an alternative way which will accelerate the journey from your home to the office.

2. Wear your best apparel

The first impressions that can be seen by others is your physical appearance and outfit. To give a good first impression, it would not hurt you to wear your best clothes. The best outfit does not mean it should be formal and new, the best outfit is a clothing that will add confidence and of course suit your work environment. If you feel there is no best clothes in the closet, it does no harm to go to the mall and buy new clothes. For reference, invite friends or relatives so they can give advice about the outfit.

3. Look, listen, and watch

On the first day of work, there will be many things you need to know. Usually you will be directed by HRD, your new co-worker, or directly by your boss about how it works and more. In order not to miss any of important information, you can write it in your notebook. If there are still things that you do not understand, don’t be shy to ask.

4. Be humble

Be friendly always and accept all information humbly. Do not act knowledgeably on your first day in office, have the mindset that you don’t know anything, it would be easier for you to absorb the information you need for work. ;Let your character go out by itself as time goes by.

5. Bring your own lunch

Bringing lunch is not just in case you don’t know where your regular lunches are, or how much food is in your office canteen, but will help you adapt.

If you don’t really know anyone in the office yet and no one invites you to lunch, you can use your lunch time on the first day to get to know the workplace, especially your cubicle area. While eating lunch, you can check your e-mail and also learn the job description.