What will you do when you retire? Maybe while you're still working, you'll think the question is irrelevant. You think of it as something that doesn’t need to be asked at this time. But the truth is, this question is one of the things you should be asking yourself since you were young. Determining what you will do when you retire is sometimes easy to imagine, but difficult to do. Obviously, you definitely don’t want to spend your retirement time in a lounge chair all day, right?

The plan referred to as a retirement plan is a plan about when you will begin to retire. Each person has a different age retirement plan, for example between the ages of 50-59 years, age 60-65 years, even between the ages of 66-70 years. Another thing that matters in planning a retirement is your debt. Ideally, all your debts are paid off when you retire. But if you can’t pay off your debt when you retire, you should consider other things to solve this problem.

There are certain considerations that can make you think twice before deciding to retirement. Why? Retirement without money sounds very uncomfortable! That's why there are some things you should prepare before stepping on your retirement days. Beyond the money issue, the following may be your motivation to undergo future retirement and become a motivation to prepare for your golden age.

1. Stay in touch with friends

Retirement is not the time when you should be separated from your peers. In addition to life and family companions, you definitely need a friend just to talk with. Make sure you keep communicating with your friends to be able to spend time together, so that your retirement is more fun.

2. Take care of your health

No one wants to spend their retirement lying on a bed without being able to do anything. Health is number one! How could you possibly enjoy your retirement if you have a severe disease compilation? The most basic step to do when retirement is healthy. Therefore, keep your health in youth so that at retirement age later, you can reap the rewards.

3. Choose where to stay

For nearly fifty years you work, you may be cramped with city life or a crowded place. Therefore, there is no harm in thinking about a new residence in the countryside or a location away from the urban hustle and bustle. That choice is not a wrong choice. It's your life! You are free to decide where you will live with your life companion.

4. Doing a hobby

Wake up, go to work, work, go home, then fall asleep. Such routines may feel repetitive during your work. As a result, it's not impossible you never have a lot of time to do your favorite hobby. When retirement is a good time to enjoy your hobby! You obviously have a lot of free time to do hobbies such as raising animals, gardening, painting, reading, and so forth. Just enjoy your hobby, because at retirement there is no longer a deadline waiting for you.

5. Be a Volunteer, Open a Business, or Part-Time Work

It may be that you are a person who likes to work, and can’t stay still. Perhaps the only reason you can’t work anymore is only because it is not allowed, or you already tired of the job. Or maybe you still want to work even if you do not need money in large amount. If this is what may happen to you, being a volunteer / making a business / being part-timer can be the right decision. At least through this work, you can find new colleagues and stay connected to the outside world without feeling lonely.

Retirement does not mean no longer active. There are many things you can do while retiring, and all you have to do is determine, and get ready to make it happen. Do believe that retirement age can also be an exciting age in your life!