After working hard over the years, you deserve a quiet retirement to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. For some people, retirement will be more fun by leaving the busy life in the city where they lived.

Quiet, comfortable, and cheaper cities are often an option. Other factors such as the ease of life, such as easy access to various daily needs, should also be considered. Which city in Indonesia is suitable for you to enjoy your retirement?

1. Sanur, Bali

The beauty of Bali has a winning point to be a place to spend your retirement. For someone who is looking for a quiet city atmosphere, Sanur is more suitable than bustling Denpasar. The beautiful Sanur beach is also an added bonus for a pleasant retirement.

2. Batam

Rapid economic growth will make it easier for you to get the various needs in this city. If after retirement you still want to feel the big city noise as well as easy access to beautiful beaches, Batam could be your choice. Want to change the atmosphere? A short ferry ride will take you to Singapore or Malaysia. Interesting right?

3. Yogyakarta

The peaceful and calm vibe of this city made the time seem slower. It is complemented by friendly people, delicious local food, and a variety of interesting cultures, making Yogyakarta's appeal as a place to live when retirement is on the rise.

4. Ubud, Bali

Ubud is often considered a cultural center of Bali. The good weather and the hospitality of the inhabitants make Ubud also attractive to expatriates as a place to enjoy their retirement. Similar to Sanur, the atmosphere of Ubud is not as crowded as Denpasar. You can feel the calm atmosphere during your retirement life.

Interested to spend retirement abroad? No problem, in fact there are many choices of cities to find a new atmosphere after retirement. However, most people will choose the two cities below to enjoy their retirement:

5. Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia's culture and climate is not much different from Indonesia, so you will have no trouble adjusting to the new environment. In addition, delicious local food is definitely the main attraction of Penang. Penang's reputation as a city with low cost but quality healthcare is also an advantage of this city.

6. Sapporo, Japan

Want to feel the adventure in retirement? Why not try a new environment with a culture and climate that is completely different from Indonesia. Like Penang, Sapporo is also very often referred to as the best city to enjoy retirement. The city is known as the winter paradise of Japan. Despite having a beautiful nature with many interesting ski resorts, Sapporo is still one of the cities in Japan with a more affordable living cost.

The real thing that matters in your retirement is the feeling of comfort. It may be your hometown or city where you grew up, because the city makes you feel calm. Or if you still want to move or work after retirement, you can find a city where you can set up a business that you dreamed of.