If you often yell at your child, you should stop right now! The outburst that you do will be bad for the development of your child.

Maybe we often yell at a child that we think is stubborn. When children are told to eat, don’t want to clean up their toys, or when children play until their clothes get all dirty usually become reasons for parents to yell at them. However this behavior will affect the child's brain.

According to Doctor Amir Zuhdi, a brain physician from Neuroscience Indonesia, on the website nationalgeographic.co.id, parents scream clearly scare their children. The emergence of fear will make the child's body produce high amounts of cortisol hormone. The high cortisol hormone in the body will break the connection of neurons in the brain. Well, further impact, neurons in the brain of children more quickly experience death or apoptosis.

If so, what will happen to your child? Disconnection of neurons in the child's brain that cause neuron disorders will make your child emotionally disturbed. The part of the child's brain that first grows is the part associated with emotion, and the biggest portion of that part is fear, says Amir. Still according to Amir, here are four things that will happen to your child if they are often snapped.

1. Difficult decision-making

Children who are often shouted by their parents will tend to be more afraid. This makes the child will always hesitate to make a decision or do something. Your child is afraid to act because he/she is afraid to be yelled at by you if the decision or action you think is wrong.

2. Lack of confidence

The fear that he often feels when you yell at him makes your child prefer to remain silent. They are reluctant to take the initiative and lack confidence in doing something for fear of being scolded.

3. Difficult to receive information

This kind of fear can make the neuron junction in your children brain break up. Breaking of these connections impact the smoothness of receiving and storing the information they receive.

4. Difficult to plan

Your little one will always hesitate to make a plan that will do. They will feel restrained by their parents for fear of being scolded. Children will tend to accept anything that their parents want because they do not want to be snapped.

When children make mistakes, give them understanding without barking at them. The gentle advice they receive will make your baby feel good. The child will also be more receptive to your advice without feeling depressed and disappointed. From now on, stop poking at them and don’t use high notes when talking to children. Children will be more excited and can grow happily.