Although many parents who feel the smartphone can interfere with child development, in fact the smartphone can actually be useful to train your child's brain intelligence when used properly. How? You should select applications that develop your child's intelligence.

1. Duolingo

Do you want your child to know many languages ​​early on? Try this app! With Duolingo, children are trained to communicate in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Just open this app, sign up with your email, then immediately play and translate each foreign language that appears according to the initial instructions. Plus, this app is free and available for iOs platform, Android and even for your PC.

2. English For Kids

It is no secret that English is vital for your child's future. This app provides various methods of learning English that are easy for children to start learning. Starting from knowing letters, composing words to composing sentences. This application is complete with how to read and translation into Bahasa Indonesia. Without the need to sign up, you and your child can directly play this application like a game. Unfortunately, this new app can be downloaded on Android phones via Playstore.

3. Kindle

One way to improve your child's brain intelligence is by reading a book. That is what the Kindle has to offer. This app can be used to read your favorite books, from story books to your child's textbooks, it’s like a personal library in your smartphone. This app is designed for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. You can download it for free. Just type what kind of book you and your child is looking for, then Kindle will bring it up automatically.

4. How to Make Origami

Do you know that making origami can actually balance left and right brain functions? Therefore, this app is very useful to develop the intelligence of the two functions of the child's brain. With apps that only exist on the iOS and Android platforms, you can teach kids how to create objects using origami papers. Your child can learn the various steps of folding origami paper into various desired objects. In addition to helping the intelligence, this application is certainly fun for the family. This application can be enjoyed for free without having to sign up first.

5. Learning to Write

For children who are under five, maybe the application Learning to Write found on Andoid based smartphones is perfect for developing its ability, of course in terms of writing. This application can help children in learning to write alphabet, accompanied by an animation that describes how and will facilitate the child in learning. In addition, there are also interesting pictures in accordance with the letters studied, which makes the child's brain more remember. This app can be downloaded on Playstore for free.