However, making children happy doesn’t always mean providing branded goods or something expensive. You can still provide give what's best for them without spending a lot of money. One of them is by adapting a humble lifestyle from an early age. It is actually not only can help maintain your family's financial condition. Further, this method can also boost your children's intelligence and discipline.

Here are some tips to make your children happy while reducing household expenses.

Cook for the little ones

Cooking your own food means you can provide a nutritious, balanced and varied food intake for all family members, especially your children. By preparing and packing up their lunch, you don't need to give out allowances pocket money anymore. Try to arouse their appetite by decorating it with a bento-style presentation.

It’s the same thing with your children's birthday celebrations. Instead of holding a grand celebration at a restaurant, you can throw a simple party at home. Just invite by only inviting family and your child's friends, and serve homemade food and cakes. To save even more money, it’s better to invite only those close to you, such as your children’s cousins and friends along with their parents.

Encourage your children to get active

Sports or physical activities are among the fun activities that don’t cost much. The benefits are also very diverse, including promoting brain development and physical growth.

For starters, try to get your children to walk or ride bicycle in the park or sports field every morning or evening. As they grow older, you can start introducing other types of sports, such as jogging, two-wheeled bicycles, basketball and badminton. This method will also help limit your children’s gadget usage.

Learn while playing with the little ones

Going to the mall is fun, but going to a museum or zoo can be much more fun. Aside from spending less money, you can encourage them to learn while playing. This concept excites your children more and makes it easier for them to absorb knowledge.

You can teach many things about culture and history in museums. Meanwhile, the zoo offers insight and nurtures their compassion toward animals.

Teach your children to save money

When they’re at the right age, you can start teaching them to live humbly. You can introduce money when your children are between one to three years old. First, make it a habit for them to save by using a piggy bank.

Once they’re in elementary school, proceed from the saving phase to the money management phase, such as opening their own savings account. Start small and teach your children to set aside a minimum of IDR 1,000 from their allowance for their savings.

Easy, right? There’s no reason to delay teaching the ways of a humble life to your children for the sake of a healthier family finances in the present and the future.