By discovering children’s talents, we can help develop their future career later on. Here are things that you can do.

1. Pay attention to your children’s habits and hobbies

Every day, pay attention what your children usually do and things they love. Their daily habits and hobbies can be ‘something’ to be developed further.

2. Let them explore their abilities

Let your child try many positive things to dig their hidden talents. Do not limit them as long as it is still safe and reasonable. You can watch them doing their things, and when you spot new things that they love, you can guide them to develop other potential talents.

3. Give your children stimulation

To get to know more about your children’s talent, you can try giving various stimulations, such as interactive games or courses (music, dance, singing, etc) based on their interests.

4. Maintain communication with your children

Give your children the attention they need, do not ignore their favorite things. Build deep conversations about what they like and what they want to be when they grow up. This can create an emotional bonding with them, so that they can tell you about anything.

5. Give them enough time to socialize

To socialize and communicate with friends are necessary for your children. They can share about their talents with their friends. Pay attention to your children’s behavior when they are socializing with their friends. By looking at the way they communicate, you might uncover their other hidden potentials.

Guide your children in decision making, and support their decisions. Broaden their horizons to help them discover their talents for a brighter future.