Children studying abroad are many parents’ dream. However, due to high costs, parents may have doubt that this can be a dream come true.

The scholarship is one way out so our child can continue his/her school. The scholarship will also add value for his/her resume by the time he/she looks for a job. Here are some ways to start the scholarship hunt.

Scholarship from the university

Each university will provide scholarships to its students, even for a foreigner student. Requirements to get a scholarship from the university course vary between universities. Universities will usually prioritize students who excel in academics but have a financial problem. In non-academic terms, usually the extracurricular ability that is assessed.

You can check out the university website or bulletin board in the academic section of the faculty. You can also go to the faculty affairs section. Student executive board can also be visited because they usually have the latest info on scholarships provided by the university.

Government scholarship

If your child has just graduated from high school and wants to go to university, the government often gives scholarships for those who excel. The government will select the academic values ​​that he/she gets during school. In addition, the government will prioritize prospective students or underprivileged students, from disadvantaged areas, or who suffer from physical disabilities.

The government also provides master or doctoral scholarships for lectures at home and abroad. Competition is very tight because the government will typically provide scholarships that include tuition and living expenses. Research costs are also borne by the government. You can calm down when thinking about education costs. Immediately seek information about scholarships.

Private company scholarships

Private companies often provide scholarships as a form of their social responsibility. These private companies also often work with universities. Scholarship information is usually also notified through the university website or bulletin board in the faculty.

Scholarships from foundations

In addition to scholarships from universities, government as well as from private companies, there are other sources for scholarships. You can get scholarship information from charitable foundation or individuals. The scholarships they provide can pay for college education at home and abroad.

Scholarships provided by the foundation or charitable foundation are usually reserved for students with less financial ability or specific targets. There are also scholarships awarded for certain study programs and for prospective students coming from undeveloped or developing countries. In addition, this scholarship also gives opportunity for those who are active in social or organizing activities.