You must be familiar with the term waqf. However, can you explain what does waqf means exactly?

A lot of people still think that waqf means sadaqah in the form of land to be used for burial grounds, mosques, or madrasa schools. As a result, most of them postpone their waqf because they don’t have the land or the means to purchase such assets yet.

It's time to straighten it out and change your mindset. Waqf itself can be donated in the form of movable objects, including money and gold.

The most important thing is how your waqf can be managed into something useful for many people in the long run. It doesn’t have to be a tomb or place of worship, but it can also be a health facility or place of business that helps people to eradicate poverty.

Well, did you know that there is a sharia insurance product now that offers the multiple benefits of protection as well as investment for the mortal world and the afterlife. Like conventional insurance, sharia insurance also consists of several types, including the waqf-based insurance.
What are the features of waqf-based sharia insurance? Here are the benefits and advantages.


Flexible to suit your capability

Payments of insurance contributions along with ujrah or its costs can be adjusted to your financial capabilities. The Periodic Insurance Contributions (KAB) can be paid according to the selected frequency of payment to keep your insurance active. Beyond that, there are also Periodic Top Up Contributions which are paid together with KAB, and Single Top Up Contributions that can be paid at any time as desired.


Continuous protection for your family

Remarkably, the sharia health insurance dedicated to families can protect you, your partner, and two children. If you have a large family, additional insurance can cover up to six family
members. It would be even better if there are additional insurance benefits that you can claim in an emergency situation.


Build up investment assets

Make sure that the sharia insurance you choose offers investment benefits to grow your assets. You don’t need to worry about its halal values, as sharia insurance is managed in accordance with Islamic principles. Your alms are blessed and your plans for old age remain covered.


Automatically managed waqf

Once your insurance policy is active, the waqf will be managed and developed automatically by official institutions that are guaranteed and registered with the Indonesian Waqf Board (BWI). The amount and time of waqf payment can be adjusted to your wishes. For example, in accordance with the agreed KAB, you can pick the same time as the payout of insurance benefit compensation, and with the appropriate percentage of investment funds.

After knowing the advantages and benefits, it's only natural that you choose waqf-based sharia insurance. Asuransi Salam Anugerah Keluarga from Sun Life Indonesia can be the right choice for you and your family. So, no more hesitation and procrastination. Protect yourself and your family while donating continuously and sustainably.