Waqf is donating some of our wealth or properties for public interests. Indonesian law says that the use of waqf must fulfill the agreement, such as building a mosque, a hospital, a school, or other things related to religious and public usage.

There are benefits of waqf that we can get, as follows:

Sharpen our social skill and help the distress

Waqf can help sharpen our social interest and skill. We learn to share with others and help those in need.

There is nothing everlasting

Waqf makes us learn that there are other people’s rights in our wealth. We can “invest” for the afterlife by making our life more valuable, that is through waqf.

Our reward flows endlessly

Our reward through waqf does not stop by the time we pass away. As long as it’s continuously useful for people, the reward will keep flowing. With waqf, we can still be useful for others forever.

Prevent social gap

Waqf will be used for public needs in which people can get the same benefits, therefore it can prevent social gap among us.

Help boost economic and social development

Waqf is used to build social properties, such as school, hospital, and other public spaces. This can help boost our country’s economic and social development. We can insure while performing waqf with assurance, now and later through Asuransi Brilliance Hasanah Maxima