Asuransi Brilliance Hasanah Fortune Plus (Syariah)

Asuransi Brilliance Hasanah Fortune Plus, solution for a fully blessed future

Solution for a fully blessed future

To make investment as a lifestyle is one way to achieve a better future. Profitable investment requires strategy, precise calculation, and a selection of right product. Right investment choice is supposed to meet your risk profile to maximize your investment and achieve your financial goals.

Sun Life Financial Indonesia presents Asuransi Brilliance Hasanah Fortune Plus, a combination of shariah-based life insurance and investment equipped with a permanent disability and accidental death benefits as well as potentially giving an optimum investment return to achieve a fully blessed future for you and family.

The benefits:

  • Benefits in the form of insurance coverage and potential growth of the investment funds in one product.
  • Sum assured options up to 55 times of the annual contribution according to your financial needs.
  • An accidental benefit up to IDR 3 billion depending on the entry age.
  • An optimum investment since the first-year policy, in which 60% of the paid premium will be invested in your chosen fund.
  • The premium shall be paid for 3 years, but the coverage period shall last up to 12 years as long as the investment fund of the policy is sufficient to cover the fees.
  • 2 investment fund options for your financial goals according to your risk profile.
  • Flexibility in determining the allocation of sub investment fund and also to do top up at any time to maximize the value of your investment fund.
  • Opportunity to obtain surplus underwriting.

Investment fund options

There are 2 types of shariah-based investment fund options:

  • Salam Equity
  • Salam Balanced Fund

Terms & conditions:

Entry age:

  • Insured: 30 days – 65 years old
  • Participant: 18-70 years old

Regular insurance contribution: minimum of IDR 12,000,000 per year

Single top up contribution: minimum of IDR 1,000,000

Investment fund management

The unit price shall be calculated on daily basis and the performance of investment funds available in some newspapers or you can visit here.

In managing your investment fund, Sun Life Financial Indonesia cooperates with reliable and world class investment managers, such as Schroders Investment Management and Fortis Investment.

For detailed product information, click here.

Disclaimer: Asuransi Brilliance Hasanah Fortune Plus is life insurance product with investment related (PAYDI) and subject to investment risk. Prior to purchasing PAYDI, the Applicant (Policyholder, Insured, and/or Participant) must read and understand the product information summary. Please note that past PAYDI investment performance is not indicative of future performance.

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