Family is the foundation of everyone's life. Any problems experienced in the office or school can be better resolved in a family that runs well and stress free. But on the contrary, family problems can affect performance in offices as well as schools. Some of the things that often cause family problems are how to raise children, financial problems, and problems in marriage relationships. The best way to avoid stress on your family, of course, is to do your best to avoid the problems that cause it.

Avoid stress due to problems with children

1. Teach discipline

According to Scott Haltzman, MD, author of The Secrets of Happy Families, families who set clear boundaries on their children will be happier. Therefore, set rules that children and families should follow, including penalties and rewards that will be given to a child if he or she obeys or violates the rules. It teaches about the limits and discipline of the child, as well as the positive and negative consequences of the rule. When a child knows the limits and responsibilities, they will easily control themselves and rarely make it difficult for you.

2. Teach sharing

Teaching sharing helps children to be more grateful for what they already have. Invite them to participate in a charity to an orphanage or a person in need from the neighborhood. They will understand the value of an object, such as food and toys, and appreciate theirs. By teaching about sharing, the child will better understand the situation if their wish cannot be granted and less likely to throw a tantrum.

3. Communication

One reason that children whine is to get attention. Children tend to be more calm and feel happy when close to their parents. The key is to continue to invite the child to communicate, either directly or via phone or SMS, to monitor your child. Simple things like, "What are you doing?" or "Be careful on the road, yes" will make him feel appreciated and loved. Involving children in the conversation from a child will also get them used to telling you and practicing their ability to convey ideas.

Avoid stress due to financial problems

1. Open to each other

You and your partner should be open to each other about the family's financial condition. Plan with the expenses and savings of your income as well as your partner, then follow the plan. When you and your partner are open to each other, you can also help each other find the best solution in case of financial problems.

2. Have personal savings

Even if you decide to have a joint account, there's nothing wrong with you and your partner having a personal savings. The existence of this personal savings is not your secret from your partner, just explain that you are saving for your own needs so as not to disturb the main family finances. But it's good if you want to use the money from your personal savings, make sure the expenditure is still in accordance with the plans you have made with your partner.

3. Consult your financial advisors

If you have trouble managing your family finances, do not hesitate to consult a financial advisor to avoid any financial problems that are already severe. Nowadays, using family financial advisory services is not a shame, you have to admit that there are others who are better at doing this job and you can ask for help to save your family.

Avoid stress due to marriage life

1. Control your emotions

A fight in marriage is a natural thing to happen, it is not natural to let the argument drag on. According to John Gottman, PhD from the University of Washington, a 5: 1 ratio is very important to keep marriage. That is, from every 1 negative interaction with your partner, there should be at least 5 positive interactions with it. You must learn to control your emotions and vent your angry feelings in a less-destructive way.

2. Compromising how to raise a child

Differences of opinion in how to raise children often cause problems in marriage. Avoid this problem by discussing the best way to raise your child with your partner. There is no 100% right and believe that your partner may have a more effective method.

3. Restore the passion of marriage

After marriage, continue to plan a date with your partner. Occasionally try to do something new with your partner, like trying new foods, visiting new places, etc.