Among the most difficult things to do in life, one of them is breaking relationships—including work. There are many reasons why you want to resign from your current job. Maybe there is are better job opportunities elsewhere or you feel less suited to the work environment in your office right now. Whatever your reason for quitting your job, it is typically a difficult situation. If you do have to leave, leave a positive impression in your old office. Here are some ways to resign in a professional way.

Talk directly to your boss

You are accepted at the office and welcomed, when you want to resign, be sure to meet your boss and reveal your intentions well. Update your boss first about your resignation plan. Do not let the office gossip about your resignation, especially if you have not talked directly with your boss. If this happens, you will have a bad impression which comes with uncomfortable feelings when you meet him directly.

Inform your resignation minimum a month before

Remember, you are not working alone in the company. A sudden resignation will inconvenience many people. So, give at least one month between the time you file the resignation letter until the last day you work. The time is required for the transition of work between you and the person who will replace you.

Keep doing your best

In between your resignation and your last day, keep working as well as you can. Although it has resigned, does not mean you can work carelessly. You have an obligation to complete all your work as much as possible before your last day, so you leave your old office with a positive impression.

Watch your words

You may have resigned because you have a negative feeling towards your employer or co-worker. It is still better to keep every complaint to yourself. Be careful in choosing words when stating your reasons for resignation, either directly or in social media. Bad-mouthing your boss or coworkers as the reason you resign will leave you with a negative impression. After all, who knows one day you should work together again with your boss or co-worker?

Return all the office property

Borrowing office properties during work is not a problem, the problem is when you resign and have not returned the office laptops or other properties. Do not forget to return these items before you leave.

Pay attention to ethics and your contract

Even if you are not working in your old office, you still have to keep your company and client confidential. Be aware of everything you have signed, such as non-disclosure agreements. There is no reason for you to divulge secrets relating to your company and clients. Be someone who can be trusted, so that later this does not complicate you if you want to apply for a new job elsewhere.

Say goodbye

You have work with them all the time, it is important to notify your departure to your colleagues, either directly or via email. This will not only give a good impression, as well as a notice in case they still have jobs related to you. In addition, use this opportunity to thank you for your opportunity to work and learn new things in your office.

Do not forget your clients

Don’t forget to inform your resignation to the clients or other parties outside the company that you have built relationships with as well. If there is someone who replaces your position, it's good to introduce them to your clients. This will make it easier to transition your work. Your clients need to know who to call when you leave.

Keep in touch with your boss and co-workers

Don’t lose connection with your co-worker from your old office. No one will know what will happen in the future, will it? Maybe later on you will need your boss or coworkers. Connection can also be one form of investment in your career.