How much influence does your boss have on your life at work? Most of you may answer, it has a big influence. Like it or not, your boss does have a stake in your career progression. Pleasing your boss so that he likes you is already an important aspect of office life. Not that you have to be an employee who likes to “polish the apple”, you can win your boss’s heart with an elegant way that makes them consider your ability at every opportunity.

Actually to get your boss’s heart, and your colleagues, keep it simple: do good and respect each other. If you do it sincerely, your boss and co-workers will also be able to distinguish your kindness over the "apple polisher". Here are some ways you can do to get your boss's attention.

Understand how your boss works

Pay attention to your boss's habits at work. For example, if your boss would rather discuss the job via e-mail, you do not need to bother approached him directly to discuss about an issue in your work. But instead, if he prefers face-to-face in person, do not discuss work through email at length.

Be aware of the atmosphere

In the workplace, you do have to respect your boss. But what if you meet your boss outside the workplace? Outside the workplace, work unrelated chats like family, hobbies, or anything else will attract your boss attention. Taking work to some unsuitable places, such as recreation and leisure, will only create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Remember, outside of his job, your boss remains someone who needs to relax and take a vacation. Discussing work on holidays is a very bad idea.