Everyone must have plans in their life. Not just a short-term plan such as what to wear tomorrow or thinking about what to eat tonight, but also long-term plans such as achieving a doctoral degree at 23 years old with a family and children before 27. If you think those plans are easy to realize, keep going with it! But, in order to make the plan run smoothly, you also have to prepare support plans. You can always take one step forward to anticipate the unexpected things.

Yes! You often meet unexpected problems along the way. Problems often come when you are careless and less alert. Like accidents, illness, and other problems. Finally, the plan you have compiled was ruined. Then how can you reconcile with problems that often arise suddenly? One solution is to start saving or investing so that it can support you financially when unexpected things come up. In addition to help ease the burden when things do not come unexpectedly, any investment can provide various benefits such as:

1. Encourage you to save

He deserves not the sweet, that will not taste of the sour. When enrolling into a life insurance program, you need to pay a premium that is in accordance with the nominal agreed. Paying premiums does seem to burden the cost of daily living that must be cut regularly. However, when viewed from the other side, paying premiums is one way that you can have a brighter life in the future. Like the above proverb, we will just enjoy the results later.

2. Ensuring your family's happiness

If making your family happy is a priority in your life, this one is important for you. Paying school fees for children and taking them on vacation with your partner to their favorite places is also an obligation to be fulfilled. Maintaining family happiness also includes maintaining your health. Keeping your health is important in order to realize the plan. Making your family happy does involve all family members, including yourself, and it’s not just about the present but for the future as well

However, unexpected things like disease often come unexpectedly together with the necessity of paying child school tuition and taking a vacation to a favorite place. Therefore, investing funds to follow the program of life insurance and education insurance is the right action to anticipate unwanted events.

3. Avoiding debt trap

The temptation to be consumptive is difficult to avoid. Moreover, the desire to have the latest series gadgets, buy branded goods, to buy airline tickets along with hotels and vacation tour packages to favorite places is so tempting. Don’t get caught in an endless desires.

Currently using a credit card can be one solution to satisfy the consumer's desire. One swipe, whatever you want it’s now yours. However, if you are less responsible in using it, this card can be a trap that drops you to the brink of debt.

One mistake while using a credit card usually results in arrears being billed in the following month whose amount is far beyond your financial ability. To make it up, people starting from borrowing money in the bank to relatives. In fact, if previously had invested some of your income regularly each month in the form of savings or insurance, the investment can be used to solve this one problem.