Elderly health insurance is important for senior citizens to have as they get older. The reason is, many health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease are likely to be experienced as the age increased.

As part of family health planning, elderly health insurance will cover various health risks that may be experienced and provides financial protection against health costs until old age or requires intensive care for their health conditions.

Several things to note before having elderly health insurance, which is:

  • Minimum and maximum age to participate.
  • Health condition when registering as an insurance participant.
  • Choose an insurance package that suits your needs and financial capabilities.


Apart from health insurance , another type of protection important for senior citizens is life insurance with maximum insured age is up to 65 years and can be extended until the age of 99 years, with notes depending on the insurance policy chosen.

For elderly with pre-existing health conditions, things need to be considered is from premium side, insurance benefit and waiting period. Therefore, make sure to read and understand terms and conditions of insurance and consult with the best insurance agent and insurance marketplace  when buying insurance for elderly.

Tips for Choosing Elderly Health Insurance

Due to various options of elderly health insurance, you can follow these tips on choosing the best policy:

  1. Health risks will be higher with an increasing age, meaning insurance premiums will be more expensive. That is why, you are advised not to delay buying an insurance protection.
  2. Know the insurance limit needed, match with health or death risk that may occur.
  3. Take advantage of Coordination of Benefits (CoB), which is a benefit where the insured has two or more health insurance protections such as BPJS Health and private health insurance. With these benefits, the insured can upgrade their treatment class, get other benefits that are not covered by BPJS Health, and then transferred the cost to private health insurance company. That way, you can maximize the benefits of BPJS Kesehatan and private health insurance.
  4. Take advantage of trusted insurance marketplaces such as Lifepal.co.id to compare options for elderly health insurance policies from various insurance companies in Indonesia. First thing to do is by filling out an online form for elderly insurance product comparison.
  5. Sunlife provides health insurance and life insurance for elderly with the best benefit and premium matched with needs and financial capability.