An athlete, for example, can’t possibly win a title without the right mindset. If they’re too lazy to practice, they won’t have the physical strength to compete in the field. The same thing goes to those who refuse to learn from their mistakes and improve themselves in order to win the next match.

This is also relevant in the financial context. If you have a visionary mindset, you must have a big financial goal: financial freedom. You can apply the mindset of an athlete to achieve financial health.

The following mindset can be replicated for healthy finance and happiness in old age.


Focus on the Goals

Every athlete must have a different target, whether it's getting a gold medal or breaking the best record. Therefore, for a healthy financial condition, make sure you already know the financial targets that you want to achieve.


It can be more than one and its form can vary, ranging from having an emergency fund, paying off your debts, to preparing your children's education fund.

Once determined, try to write down these financial targets in a place that is easily visible. You can stick post-it in your room or on your office desk. That way, you will always remember and focus more on the goal.


Willing to Sacrifice

Athletes are willing to sacrifice a lot of time and energy to practice and practice. To win the title, they are even willing to sacrifice their time to gather with family or relax with friends.


You also need to make similar sacrifices to achieve financial health. For example, you can delay the purchase of goods that are less important, or reduce the entertainment budget so that it can be allocated to the emergency fund or investment post instead.


Continue to Practice

No top athlete can reach the point of success without undergoing rigorous training and upholding discipline. Likewise, financial health that can only be achieved by saving money in a disciplined and consistent manner.


As an initial step, start by setting aside a small portion of your income for savings and increasing the nominal or intensity gradually. After you can do it consistently, start investing to grow your assets over time.


Never Give Up

Motivation and consistency are not easy to maintain. There are times when an athlete also feels bored and wants to stop practicing. Amazingly, they never give up or let emotions take over their mind.


So, try to apply the attitude of unyielding spirit by complying with the financial plan that you have prepared. If you feel the desire to stop, try asking yourself whether it’s worth risking your financial future.

It's never too late to change and start something good. If athletes can achieve their dreams, you also have the same opportunity. Remember, efforts never betrays results.