The cost of that is not cheap, but it’s attainable by setting financial targets, making monetary plans, saving money regularly, and adjusting lifestyle. All that must be done in tandem. If you miss one, then it will be difficult to achieve what you want.

Besides saving money, you also need to have sharia insurance. Reading that sentence certainly raises a lot of questions about sharia insurance in your mind. The two most important questions are why sharia insurance and what are the benefits of having sharia insurance.

In contrast to conventional insurance, sharia insurance is carried out with Islamic principles which are based on the spirit of mutual assistance and protection between participants. So, sharia insurance is free from usury, gambling, and uncertainty.

Here are three reasons why you should have sharia insurance.


1. Present and future protection for your family

By having sharia insurance, it means you have carried out one of your obligations as a Muslim, which is to protect family members from harm. For example, your spouse or child falls ill and needs to be hospitalized. Instead of using savings, you can take advantage of the treatment fund facility offered by your insurance.

You also don’t need to worry if you’re exposed to critical illness or an accident that results in death at any time. Because your heir will receive compensation from the insurance.


2. Financial management with more discipline

You can indirectly learn to be more disciplined in managing your finances. When you sign up for the insurance program, you must set aside a portion of income to pay the premium.

Maybe setting aside money for a family vacation will feel easier and more fun than paying a premium. However, your life will feel calmer if you know that your family will be protected from any financial risk and can live life without worrying about the future.


3. Useful as savings and investments

In addition to offering protection, sharia insurance can also meet your needs in saving and investing. Because sharia insurance offers enough profitable benefits.

This it broke denies the belief that the insurance premium you pay would be useless because it would just disappear. In fact, the money deposited to the sharia insurance company will be managed so that it can be useful in the future.

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