Don't want to be part of the millennial who continues to experience financial problems? It's better to avoid the following lifestyles so that you can better manage your finances so that your future is more recorded than now:

1. Hang out often in cafes

Getting together with friends and discussing hot topics in a cafe while eating or drinking coffee is fun. It's just that fun like this shouldn't be done too often because it will endanger your financial condition.

There's nothing wrong with making your own coffee or food at home. If you have to get together, don't hesitate to invite your friends over to your house. This method is more economical without reducing your social excitement.

2. Traveling Makes Dizzy

My life, my adventure? It's possible, but don't let your experience burden your financial condition with lots of bills and expenses.

Don't place traveling as your immediate need if your financial condition doesn't allow it. Traveling should be memorable, not make your head dizzy.

3. Following the Trend

There is nothing wrong with following trends for the sake of actualizing your existence in the middle of the crowd. However, all of this must be based on your financial capabilities, not push yourself for the sake of style.

Remember, trends are fleeting. Don't let things that briefly make your financial condition worse.

4. Tempted by Discounts

Promotional offers and discounts milling about are so tempting. However, you have to look at this from a need point of view.

If you don't need the product being promoted, you shouldn't buy it. You must consider the amount of the discount with the level of need so that your purchase is not redundant.

5. Easily Getting Debt

Meeting the demands of a lifestyle is made easier with all the facilities for installments and loans. But if you force yourself to always be in debt as a solution to following trends, be prepared to get caught up tighter in an endless bill.

6. Lazy to save

No matter how small your income, you must still set it aside for savings. By not having savings, you must be prepared to be confused if you need emergency funds.

Don't let the absence of savings make you turn to debt as a shortcut. Trust me, this is not the right way out!

7. Do not want insurance

Many millennials think that insurance only burdens their expenses. In fact, insurance means that financial planning and the future can be protected.

Without insurance, you have to bear all costs yourself from the risks that may occur. All assets and emergency funds that you have can run out immediately.

So, are you ready to become a millennial who has good financial planning? Change your lifestyle right now!