It is undoubtedly a proud facility for you to get health insurance from the company where you work. However, suppose this policy is considered a luxury thing. In that case, you can get the protection that is more or less the same as having BPJS Kesehatan.

Is health insurance coverage from the company or BPJS Kesehatan enough? If you can double the protection and benefits, why not?

A hospital cash insurance plan is the answer to the questions above. What are the benefits? With this insurance, you can get extra protection and benefits juxtaposed with the insurance you have now.

In general, health insurance or BPJS Kesehatan provides inpatient, outpatient, and medical expenses. Specific health insurances limit the total value of claims and the number of hospitalizations per year.

Hospital cash plan insurance provides daily benefits with a particular value. It is not specifically based on medical and treatment costs. This insurance applies a reimbursement system, aka claims will be paid out of the total bill based on printed documents from the hospital or pharmacy that issued the invoice or receipt.

Suppose you have health insurance or BPJS Kesehatan and add to the existing protection with the hospital cash plan insurance. In that case, you can double-claim the insured's bill's value. For example, suppose you are hospitalized for ten days with costs covered by health insurance or BPJS Kesehatan worth a total of IDR 20 million. In that case, you can get reimbursement with existing billing documents to get a claim worth the amount covered by the health insurance or BPJS Kesehatan will go into your savings account.

You can use the sum insured from this reimbursement for other purposes that support your treatment while in the hospital, such as transportation costs to the hospital or daily living expenses for your family while you are hospitalized. There is nothing wrong with saving it as an emergency fund that can be used later.

Considering that health insurance and BPJS Kesehatan provide a maximum limit on the cost of care and medication, you can cover your shortfall with the funds obtained from claims based on the reimbursement. So, you are still more protected when health insurance has a limited ceiling.

You can get all the hospital cash plan benefits as a companion to health insurance or BPJS Health with X-tra Active Plus and X-Tra Active Pro insurance. Besides being able to double-claim, you can also get hospitalization benefits of IDR 600 thousand per day for only a premium of IDR 25 thousand per month.

So what are you waiting for? Add extra benefits and protection to your health insurance or BPJS Health with X-Tra Active Plus and X-tra Active Pro now!