Say you are married and have a child. It's only natural to have insurance that can protect you and your family from various financial problems that may come up as risks of life, such as critical illness or accidents. That way, you can focus on recovering without worrying about medical expenses and family finances.

However, as a Muslim, you would want to hold onto religious values ​​in financial matters as well. Sharia insurance can be the right choice. Insurance with sharia principles upholds the following virtues: 


Islam encourages having a household as a form of worship. It’s your duty as a husband or wife to fulfill the material and moral needs of your family.

Having sharia insurance is one way to guarantee the financial sustainability of your family while allowing peace of mind in case something unexpected happens to you. That way, you are performing worship while at the same time fulfilling financial needs.

This value is one of the important foundations in sharia insurance. Because sharia insurance aims not just to seek profits, but also to aid the customers in need.

The way to do this is by managing the funds collected from the customers and returning them to those affected by disasters through a contract process in accordance with Islamic sharia laws. In this context, disaster can be interpreted as life risks such as illness or accident.

Sharia insurance applies the principle of fairness. That means both the customer and the insurance company are equally responsible for the risks and benefits.

If a risk befalls to one of the customers, the claim or compensation will be borne together. The same goes for profits.

The profits from the premium investment will be shared equally among all customers and the insurance company. That way, no party feels wronged or harmed by the insurance product.

Sharia insurance also applies the principle of cooperation between the customer and the insurance company as the fund manager. This cooperation is agreed upon in the contract process or initial agreement.

A contract is a commitment agreement between the customer and the insurance company. In the contract process, there should be no elements of fraud, gambling, ill-treatment, and bribery. In addition, nothing considered haram or immoral can exist.

Once agreed, both will carry out their rights and obligations fairly and equally.

Sharia insurance requires insurance companies and customers to uphold honesty. In managing customer funds, insurance companies may not seek profits or make decisions without the agreement of the customers.

On the other hand, customers must also be honest and don’t make a claim for personal gain with made-up stories.

Now there should be nothing that holds you back from having sharia insurance. Protect yourself and your family with sharia insurance products from Sun Life Indonesia. Make sure you choose the one that suits your needs, abilities, and life principles.