The sweetness of sugar does not necessarily bring sweetness to your health. Especially in relation to diabetes which is prone to complications of other critical illnesses, such as heart and kidney. In fact, during a pandemic like now, diabetes is a very fatal comorbid disease and causes the death of COVID-19 patients.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest number of people with diabetes in the world. Based on the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) data, this country is ranked 7th globally, with more than 10 million people with diabetes.

In addition, for pre-diabetes cases, Indonesia is ranked number 3 globally, with as many as 30% or around 30 million people. Pre-diabetes is a condition between normal and diabetes.

According to the report released by the Directorate of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (P2PTM) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, diabetes is the third deadly disease in Indonesia after stroke and heart. With a figure of 10 million cases, it is estimated to increase to 30 million people in 2030 if you ignore a healthy lifestyle.

Given these facts, it's time for you to live a healthy lifestyle, so you don't add to the list of diabetic patients. The easiest way is to replace the consumption of sugar-based foods with healthier alternatives. Let’s find out!


1. Yoghurt

With its sour taste, yoghurt is revered as a healthy superfood because it has almost all the nutrients the body needs, such as calcium, B vitamins, and minerals. This food is a must-have menu to support a diet program.

Yoghurt has many flavors, but you can choose a plain yoghurt to avoid artificial sweeteners and flavors. You can always add fruits to make it naturally sweet.


2. Fruits

As a tropical country, Indonesia certainly has a wide variety of delicious fruits. In addition to bananas, pineapples, and papayas, you can choose seasonal fruits such as avocados and mangoes for dessert without making your blood sugar level rise.

Although fruits contain sugar, they are high in fiber, so they can control blood sugar. So you don't have to worry about consuming them. Be creative instead, by smoothies or milkshakes out of fruits.


3. Raw Cocoa

Who doesn't love chocolate? If you are a fan of it, you can use raw cocoa instead of chocolate.

Compared to chocolate, raw cocoa does not contain much sugar. In addition, raw cocoa also has a high level of antioxidants to improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar level, and reduce blood sugar spikes.


4. Honey

Honey is a superfood with many benefits for maintaining health and preventing various critical illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and digestive problems. In addition, honey can also help control blood sugar.

With its various health benefits, you can use honey as a substitute for sugar for different foods and drinks. Moreover, Indonesia is rich in bee colonies; you can get various types of honey and get the benefits.


When you think health is a valuable asset, it's time to take action by living a healthy lifestyle to prevent various types of critical illnesses such as diabetes by changing eating habits. Remember, we are what we eat.

In addition, complement your healthy lifestyle with life and health insurance to prepare yourself for the uncertainties in life. No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, there will always life risks that can harm you financially.

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