As a child begins to grow up, he begins to realize that he has responsibility for himself. Usually they will be busy proving themselves as human adults by completing studies or advancing their busy career. Some even begin to forget those who spent their lives building up their children's lives; parents.

In fact, most parents admit that they do not expect much from their children. Parents happiness doesn’t require any complicated things, really. They already love you wholeheartedly, so the simple thing you do for them also makes them feel cared for. There is no limit on what needs to be provided to your parents, but given the many things they gave you as a child, maybe some of these things can help to make your parents happy.

1. Maintain communication

Maintaining communication should not be done by meeting your parents every day. It may be hard for someone who lives far away from his or her parents. In this tech-savvy era, you have many options to communicate with parents. You can keep your communication through short phone chats every few days or make video calls. If your parent's home location doesn’t support both options, you can try sending mail. To be sure, don’t just contact the parents when you need their help.

2. Be a good listener

Remember when you were a child, how nice is it when you see something new and then tell it over and over to your parents? It feels good when someone is listening. Sometimes your parents just need someone to talk to, either about the neighbors new pets who make their yard dirty, cats who often stop by their homes or about damaged house pumps. You may not always be able to provide solutions to their problems, but listening with all your heart is enough for your parents.

3. Conducting a joint activity

Occasionally take time to do a favorite activity with your parents, such as gardening, fishing or cooking. Occasionally invite your mother to pamper yourself in the spa all day is also a good idea.

4. Remember important days

As a child, your parents never forget your birthday. Once you are an adult, don’t forget your parents birthday or their wedding anniversary. Sincere birthday gift and prayer will make them happy.

5. A nice surprise

No need to wait for Mother's day or birthday to give gifts to your parents. Celebrate the smallest of things as a form of gratitude and thanks to your parents. Give surprise gifts in unexpected moments, make your parents feel that you are always thinking of them. The gift you give doesn’t need to be a luxury item with exorbitant prices. Cooking utensils for cooking parents or good books for those whom love reading are pleasant surprises that make them feel loved.

6. Respect your parents

No matter how old we are, parents will always treat us as their child. So don’t be surprised if sometimes your parents still like to advise you in the same way as they advise you as a child. It may feel like 'patronizing', but you have an obligation to honor them. If their point of view differs from you, avoid harsh words or phrases that can trigger an argument with your parents. Remember, you don’t have to force your opinion on a parent and vice versa.

7. "I Love You"

There is no better way to make your parents happy than to show your affection for them. When was the last time you shared your feelings directly with your parents? Expression of affection not only in the form of words, you know, can also be a warm embrace or gentle massage to ease their tiredness.