During this pandemic the government implement the policy of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). That means we are limited in doing various activities outside the home, including exercising.

However, that doesn't mean we can't do sports outside the home. That is why you must still pay attention to health protocols when exercising outdoors. Here are some tips to keep your outdoor sporting activities safe during pandemic.


1. Prioritize Personal Hygiene

Take care of your personal hygiene while exercising outdoors. Make sure to always wash your hands before and after exercise. Also prepare a small towel that has been washed clean to wipe your sweat.

Make sure the exercise equipment has been cleaned. Try not to share the exercise equipment with others to prevent virus transfer.

2. Try to Exercise Alone

To avoid the risk of transmission, you need to avoid crowds, including during outdoor exercise activities. The goal is to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission, because you don’t know for sure the health condition of others during your activities together.

That means you should try not to exercise in groups during pandemic. If you have to exercise in groups, make it small.

3. Keep your distance

You must still apply the rules for maintaining your distance during outdoor exercises. Keep a minimum distance of one meter and avoid direct contact with others, both alone and in groups.

In addition, choose a sports venue that is quiet and less crowded. Avoid sports venues that are far from home so you don't have to drive or take public transportation. Try exercising in a relatively quiet residential area or a court near your house.

4. Always Prepare a Mask

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the use of masks has always been recommended to prevent Covid-19 transmission. A mask can repel droplets, the means of virus transmission, and prevent us from touching the face area.

However, a mask is only allowed to be worn during sports with mild to moderate intensity. Avoid wearing masks when exercising with heavy intensity to avoid the risk of respiratory distress. Make sure to wear a mask before and after exercising.

Sport is one of the good habits that need to be maintained to keep your fitness and endurance. However, make sure to pay attention to health protocols when exercising during pandemic, especially if you do it outdoors. Follow the tips above so you can exercise outdoors freely, safely, and comfortably. Don't forget to always take care of your health and personal hygiene at all times!