Press Release

July 18, 2022

Improving Literacy and Financial Inclusion, Sun Life Indonesia Holds 3R Program in 15 Cities

Bandung, July 18th, 2022 – To reinforce the commitment in expanding equitable access to health protection in Indonesia and create business opportunities, especially during a challenging situation due to the pandemic, Sun Life Indonesia holds a series of 3R programs to increase literacy and financial inclusion amongst Indonesians. This program begins in Bandung, on 18-19 July 2022 and will be implemented gradually in other 15 major cities across Indonesia until August 2022.

According to the data from Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in February 2022, the number of unemployed people due to Covid-19 since February 2020 is more than 960 thousand. Besides, almost 90% of them are of productive age. (15-44 years).

Agreeing to this fact, the 3R programs are expected to educate Indonesians more thoroughly about the importance of financial literacy and inclusion, and also the solution of protection provided by Sun Life Indonesia. Moreover, public are offered the opportunity to join and do business with Sun Life Indonesia as insurance advisors to have an additional source of income that can improve their prosperity of life.

Norman Nugraha, Chief Sharia Business of Sun Life Indonesia said, “We understand that the pandemic has impacted various aspects of the lives of millions people in Indonesia, particularly the productive generation who lose their source of income due to termination of employment or business losses. Therefore, in line with Sun Life Indonesia's commitment to creating a brighter future for millions of families by achieving financial security and living a healthier life, we want to maximize our role by presenting a series of 3R programs, and inviting affected communities to join us as insurance advisors, and take this moment as a business opportunity.”

During the two-days activity, participants can register and join the recruitment program as insurance advisors (recruit), reactivate membership status as advisors (reactivate), and learn business strategies to achieve the best performance and become leaders through financial literacy education about ‘Cuan Cepat setelah Pandemi’ from professionals and local community leaders (reposition).

“Doing business as an insurance advisor at Sun Life Indonesia is a worth-considering opportunity since it is a low-risk business, and you aren’t required to have great business capital in the first place. Besides, it is a sustainable business that can be inherited from generation to generation. Moreover, advisors are offered flexible working hours with access to get unlimited amount of income. We hope this program can reach and inspire thousands of people to join Sun Life Indonesia’s insurance alliance,” added Norman.

Officially begun in Singaraja and Denpasar, Bali on 11-14 July 2022, the 3R program succeeded to attract the attention of the Balinese people. Following its success in Bali, the program will soon gradually be held in several major cities of Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Solo, Malang, Pekanbaru, Makassar, Palembang, Medan, Samosir, Manado, and Sumbawa.

Sun Life Indonesia has thousands of professional insurance advisors and dozens of Independent Marketing Offices (IMO) nationwide. As of March 31, 2022, there are 8,035 insurance advisors of Sun Life Indonesia, including 6,037 conventional advisors and 1,998 sharia advisors. Meanwhile, there are 98 Sun Life Independent Marketing Offices across Indonesia divided into 70 conventional IMOs and 28 sharia IMOs.

“We have accompanied the Indonesian family for 27 years. Throughout that period, advisors played an essential role in our business growth. Not only the key implementation of a multi-distribution channel strategy, but advisors also engaged with the public to educate them about the importance of having financial protection and planning their future as early as possible. We hope through the success of this program, Sun Life Indonesia can become a trusted partner for millions of Indonesian families to achieve financial security and live healthier lives,” concluded Norman.